Better Details for the Perfect Citizen Men’s Watch

Today, in buying watches online, we are going to tell you a very interesting system that the Citizen brand offers you to forget about the batteries when it comes to keeping our wristwatch in operation. Do you want to know him?

The Citizen Men’s Eco-Drive Watch is Japanese, based in Tokyo, so it will not surprise you when new technological advances come from this brand that adds value to our watches. This is the case of the eco drive system, of which we will comment on some things in this article.

Main features of the citizen eco drive system

The eco drive system does not have any watch making machinery in motion that could wear out or deteriorate, therefore its performance remains intact over time.

It does not need any battery or battery to allow the operation of the wristwatch.

Transforms the light energy into electrical energy, using any type of light source

It offers a great performance of conversion of light energy into available energy for the operation of the clock, such as the use of chronographs, alarms, countdown timer, calendar, etc.

With a minimum source of light, the eco drive system continues to capture energy and recharge the clock’s battery.

How does it work?

Ok, everything it has been said before is very nice (right now to buy watches with eco drive!) But there has to be some scientific explanation for this technology, right? Of course, there are comments on it:

Beneath the dial of the watch is a solar card that captures light energy and transfers it to a high capacity battery, releasing it little by little according to the needs that are required. A minimum use of the watch (only allow the operation of the hands) gives a great autonomy under this system, but a continued use of some specific functions of certain Citizen watches such as the chronograph, the alarm, the countdown timer, the tachymeter, etc. reduce the battery in greater volume.

How much time are we talking about?

We are talking about when the watch has absorbed its maximum power capacity, when buying watches with the eco drive system we ensure an uninterrupted operation of 1.3 years on average, depending of course on the model.

And from what you know of this Citizen system, what you all predict that any battery reduces its performance very much (a computer battery, for example) over the years, does not happen here with the eco drive, because if we still had a Citizen watch for 20 years, its benefits would only fall below 20{dba83db9357096a07beb69a0eb274d878bc2b9e6e55d2e7bcf5d5afae53f7b4e}, that is, 1.04 years.

The Eco-Drive watches from are exclusive to Citizen. They are friendly to the environment. They have an analog system created with quartz which works with light to obtain energy. It can generate energy using any source of light, artificial or natural, regardless of the intensity.